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Mike's Hole
in the Wall

Welcome to Mike's!

Since 2008, we've been Chattanooga's favorite place for sippers, beer lovers, game day fans, families, professionals, and people that love great food.

Mike's Hole in the Wall opened September 15, 2008 in a small, dark, smokey building on Cherokee Blvd in Chattanooga, TN. In those days, North Chattanooga and particularly Cherokee Blvd was not yet a destination nor safe. Partners John McClellan and Mike Robb met at the location in early September and discovered the location's hidden potential as well as a long round tube leading from the dumpster downstairs to a "hole in the wall" behind the bar covered with a stainless steel door. When the 85 year old bartender "Larry" opened the door and tossed a beer bottle into the hole then heard rattling down to the dumpster with a glorious crash of breaking glass, Mike and John knew they had to buy the bar. With John's investment and MIke's charisma as well as the deep knowledge of the business possessed by both, the bar was opened the 15th of that September. Mike and John worked tirelessly through a renovation in 2010 (installing the glass garage door), obtaining a full liquor license in 2014 then building a large deck in 2016. In 2017, after losing the parking next door, MIke's relocated across the street to the new Mike's Hole in the Wall (sans hole unfortunately). That move doubled the size, staff and revenue. After surviving the loss of Mike Robb in June 2020 and covid debacle, Mike's is now a thriving local bar with lots of regulars and friends well positioned to succeed into the future. Go beyond, Plus Ultra!